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Nikki Cole

Nikki has worked with Helena for twenty years and together they established a national registered charity for eating disorder sufferers – Kainos Trust which, in 2004, merged with Nicholaston House. In the early days they purchased and renovated Lower George House, an old pub in Newnham-on-Severn as the charity administration base.  Nikki’s main role is editing and shaping Helena’s writing. She also collates and processes all the paperwork and does much of the organising for the OED courses. In addition to working for Helena, Nikki is a peripatetic music teacher, teaching piano, violin and theory.


Jane Closs

Jane and her husband David have three children and two grandchildren. She was based in Newcastle then in Stockport as a probation officer working with male and female offenders in the community. Prior to that, she spent several months as a trainee social worker in a psychiatric hospital with brief spells working in a children’s home. Jane has been engaaged with church life in pastoral/leadership roles and in 2002 she and David were licensed as prayer ministers. She is now actively involved with different aspects of  Nicholaston House and is a part of the team for the majority of the OED courses.


Cara Cramp

Cara is a Child & Adolescent Therapist who specialises in play and creative arts therapy. She first became involved in OED as a delegate a number of years ago which she says gave her an opportunity to learn more about herself and gain new stratagies to help her manage her emotions in particular, and resulted in significant change.  She now helps on most of the courses and can be found in the creative area!  Cara is an active member of her own church and is a scout leader as well as helping on dyslexia and diabetic camps for children.

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Kathy McQueen


Suzy Futcher


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Naomi Worral

Naomi is currently studying a degree in Counselling at CWR and became part of the OED team in January 2014. After overcoming her own disordered eating she had a heart to come alongside other sufferers and to help them understand their true identities. Before joining the team she spent five months in Canada undertaking an adventure based Christian discipleship course and she is still involved in the ministry teams at Soul Survivor summer festivals as well as her church. Naomi has also taken a short course in Equine Therapy as well as learning nail art which she brings to the courses.

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Abbie Balachandran

Abbie is a health and lifestyle coach with a nutrition background and a special interest in eating disorders and emotional eating. Having overcome her own battle with bulimia, Abbie now helps others who struggle with poor body image, self esteem and a disordered eating to manage their emotions and live life to the full. She runs Christian retreats on finding freedom from emotional eating and regularly lectures at Bournemouth University. Abbie is married with two energetic boys and is an active member of her church. When time permits, she loves to be musical and creative.